Medicine Butte Wedding

Our ranch gained a little present this last weekend… we gained a human!!! It feels like we have been looking forward to Sept. 7 FOREVER, and now it already passed. Gone and done… but these kiddos did it right and I definitely don’t think it will be forgotten!! For what they were given with weather, I can’t say I heard any complaining all day.. what can anyone do after all at least its moisture… right!?!?! So with indoor as the main new focus … they still got married, they don’t have beautiful sunset pics or almost no outdoor ones for that fact, they have muddy boots and clothing, … and I can honestly say the day was still dang near perfect! Sometimes what someone thinks should be ideal (I’m talking about myself finally having some pretty adorable peeps to show off our backyard IN WEDDING CLOTHING) turns into something completely different, and it still turned out just stunning. There is just something special about being able to spend the day with two people you adore and can’t wait to watch them grow together as a couple (literally because I can see their front door😂😂😂😂). Well neighbors… we love you and wish nothing but the best for you! My voice is still half gone, but 8th Hour Band rocked to listen to all night and worth it all! And if you get tired of my dress pics… too bad!!! White Lace Bridal had a beautiful Maggie dress that Nichole looked amazing in!!! Hope you all enjoy.. couldn’t wait to share my husbands shenanigans…. keep scrolling until the end if you didn’t make it:) Cheers Unruhs!!!



Venue: Iron Ore, Riverdale ND

Dress: White Lace Bridal

Photographer: Destinee Jensen Photography

Decorating: Art and Andy Vintage

Flowers: Crabapple Floral

Mens Clothing: Halberstadts

Grooms Hat: Cody’s Custom Hats

Custom Leather Bouqet holder: Western Skies

Custom Bride Shoes: Long X

Good time in-between: Longshots Bar, Hazen ND

Cake: Kevin Duttenhefner