Sleepy Hollow Wedding

Spending time with this sweet couple and spending time with their families all day was enough to fill my cup. Mo’s mom even made a traditional dessert (that I am going to butcher the name if I try) THAT morning!!! It filled the house with yumminess and it was so sweet to watch her grandkids/kids just run around her, taste pieces and watch. It was a perfect start to the day hanging at the brides house she grew up in. When I first met Mo it was at a bridal show I attended, and I remember thinking the whole time, gosh I really hope she does come back… she was awesome! She and Dylan had their engagement pics in WAY colder weather but even then it was fun listening to how their day was coming (or not coming) together:) Back then she even explained how easy and low-key it was going to be and details coming around as time went by, and boy did it come together!!! THIS DRESS>>> awwwww!!! Couldn’t have picked a more perfect person to fill it in, the Chic Nostalgia dress from HoneyBee Bridal nailed it! And don’t forget the gorgeous flowers from Robert’s Floral!

But we can’t forget about Dylan either… he was wearing a custom from Halberstadts, and was looking sharp! The ties… HELLO… how fun and they totally get style points! All the details of the day were put together so flawlessly and just put the right touch on everything.

With the most amazing back yard a dear neighbor could have, to their own written vows at an outdoor ceremony at Sleepy Hollow, and their pie exchange and Donut Bar at the reception, what a day! And I have a pretty good feeling there are going to be some sore feet the next day… these peeps know how to dance and have a good time! Dance floor was moving from PowerPlay! Mo and Dylan, I cannot thank you enough for having me in your sweet, adorable, don’t want it to end day! If you want to celebrate again next week, want to have donuts… I’m game you two!! Your day was just as adorable and creative as you two are!!! Cheers to many many more!!